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Do you eat right?

Food can be very complicated and eating right is an everyday challenge for many. Eating right requires you to choose foods that will satisfy your hungry, provide nutrients for your body, and be economical. The first step to eating right is to learn how to spot a fad diet (more).

Obesity In America

Obesity is a concern for all Americans. Why? Many American's are out to lunch when it comes to healthy food choices. Learn ten easy ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into everyday living (more). To calculate this index of fatness use the BMI Calculator.


  • How much is a serving?
    Consumers are eating away from the home; often times attracted to branded foods (beverages) and take home to eat foods from the grocery store. Below is a simple reminder of the severing sizes appropriate for the average adult eating at home or away from home. A single serving may be less food than you think (more).

  • Types of Bottled Water
    Hydration plays an important role in our daily diet. Learn about how much to drink and the various types of bottle water available in the market (more).

  • Planning Beverages for that Special Occasion
    Beverages play an important role when hosting a special event. Your guests may have a variety of beverage preferences. Suggested beverages to serve include: liquor, beer, wine, champagne, liquors, cordials, pop and coffee (more).

  • Introduction to Wine Selection
    The right wine can add the perfect compliment to any meal. A dozen bottle wine cellar assures you that you will have a wine on hand to complement almost any meal (more).

  • Friday Night Pizza Party
    Everyone is familiar with the warmth, comfort and convenience pizza brings to their lives.  Can you remember where or when the last time you had made fresh, piping hot pizza, with all your favorite toppings? Learn the simple steps to make Friday night, family night with these easy pizza recipes (more).


Obesity rates are soaring in the United States. About 60 million adults, or 30% of adult population, are now obese. 

Why? Inactivity? Gluttony? Advertizing? Whether you’re ordinary or celebrity, obesity affects us all. And it shows.